Cocoa Butter Lip Balm Recipe


0:04 hi I'm Lisa Nelson beauty maven and

0:07 celebrity makeup artist and today I'm

0:09 going to be sharing with you how to make

0:11 your own cocoa butter lip balm so with

0:13 this recipe what you want to do is use

0:16 just a two-part cocoa butter to two

0:20 parts of beeswax and then one part of

0:23 almond you can use actually a sweet

0:25 almond oil so I'm just gonna put those I

0:28 just put those on the back of my hand

0:30 I'm gonna mix them together I know that

0:33 if you're like me you have kids or you

0:35 just live on a budget it's nice to know

0:37 that there are things around your house

0:39 that you can actually go to to create

0:41 some of these things that we use these

0:44 little products that we need so we're

0:47 just gonna go over the top and say on

0:50 our beautiful model Kate Ellen we've

0:51 done her makeup but she just fine she

0:54 needs a little bit of hydration so we're

0:56 just gonna lay this down right on top of

0:58 her lipstick ideally I think lip balms

1:01 will obviously work best

1:02 underneath lipstick should be your first

1:05 thing that you put on your lips before

1:08 you do a makeup application just great

1:12 idea to wear before bed too but I think

1:15 that in a pinch and if you needed more

1:17 hydration during the day this is a great

1:21 idea just go right over the top of your

1:23 lipstick you can always go over that

1:24 again with more lip color there we go

1:30 that's gonna help keep her lips nice and

1:33 healthy and hydrate it I'm Lisa Nelson

1:35 and that's my recipe for a homemade

1:37 cocoa butter lip balm