How to choose a lady to marry

Choosing a lady to marry is something important in the field of marriage and here is how:

Consider her behaviours.Before you decide to marry a wife, first search about her behaviours in order to avoid future problems.

Search about her family background.It is important to know about her family background because some families practice wrong acts like human sacrifice, witch craft,and night dancing.So a woman of such kind is not good to marry

Consider her education background.This will assist you to judge your self whether you can afford to marry her or not according to your qualification and income

Consider her health background.Some ladies are mentally disturbed and others have chronic diseases like blood pressure and heart attack. Therefore the women of such kind are difficult to mantain when you are a poor man

Consider her colour and size in order to get a right choice.In addition to this many people say that a good lady to marry is that one having her natural colour and good height.

Know about her future plans.This will help you to know more about her future intentions

Consider about her religion.A good lady to marry is that one whom you share a same religion or someone who can believe in your religion

Consider her tribe. A lady of your tribe is good to marry because you share same cultures.This can increase unity in the family after marriage.