Benefits for Divorced Women

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Starting over after a divorce doesn't have to be a struggle. A divorced woman does not need to feel lingering pain of loneliness or isolation. Replacing arguments and anger with new friendships and new horizons is possible and should be pursued. With a little research and time, a divorced woman can live a happy, fulfilling life.


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A divorced woman should be aware of her rights. She may be entitled to a portion of her husband's 401k, retirement accounts, military or company pensions. She should consult an attorney to find out what compensation might be available to her in a divorce settlement. The federal government provides information on the social security benefits for divorced women on its website, A consultant can be contacted by mail, telephone and email. The website also provides a list concerning subjects such as where to go to get a new social security card, when to file and what benefits she should request.

Support Groups

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The ability to find new friends and share experiences with others in a similar situation are only a few of the benefits of support groups for divorced women. Emotional support from peers is important to recovery after the trauma of divorce. Children are often a concern for newly divorced women. Sharing experiences and questions with other mothers who are going through the same thing is a way to alleviate these concerns. Feeling alone can send a woman into deep depression. Support groups help a divorced woman in pain understand that she does not have to feel that loneliness.

Time To Grow

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A benefit that a divorced woman may not recognize at first is the ability to grow and spend time on herself. She now will find herself with a lot more time than she may have had before. She will be able to go back to school or take a trip, get a job or move out of the country. If she shares children with her ex-husband, the time spent with those children will be more precious and bonds with them can become stronger because of this. She can resume hobbies she may have left behind, such as painting, gardening or driving race cars. A divorced woman should spend her time wisely and gain from it the most benefit she can.