Benefit of Steam Cleaning Clothes

Image by, courtesy of Wendy Firmin

Steam cleaning has emerged as a process for commercial and personal use to clean walls, windows and cooking surfaces. In terms of clothing, the process presents a viable alternative to dry cleaning. Professionals and clothing aficionados should consider purchasing a steam cleaner to store at home for the sake of convenience.


Steam cleaners work by heating clean water beyond its boiling point to produce steam. The steam emerges at the end of the cleaning apparatus to break apart dirt from clothing. The machine can press and put creases into your clothes without much effort.


Steam cleaners are portable; and can travel well with you on the road. Domestic steam cleaners carry attachments, which convert these machines into versatile appliances to clean upholstery, curtains and bedding. Premium cleaners generate high-pressure steam for additional power.


Steam is a good remover of difficult stains because of its ability to target high temperatures towards one particular area. Steam kills bacteria, such as e-coli and salmonella. The vaporized water will not stain your clothes, or leave the metallic odor that may arise from dry cleaning.


Steam cleaning does not rely upon chemicals. The use of water is environmentally friendly; and eliminates the potential for toxic spills at home.


Save time and money related to dry cleaning by purchasing a steam cleaner. As of 2009, premium steam cleaners can be bought for $150 and last for several years. The up-front investment can be recouped quickly.

Dry cleaning costs vary from city-to-city, but a 2008 receipt upon calculates a cost of $50.06 for nine pieces of clothes. Individuals that regularly patronize these businesses can expect to pay more than $1,000 annually in dry cleaning costs.