How to Attract True Love Through Positive Thoughts

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True love is less of a final destination and more like a perpetual journey. Furthermore, "true love" is a subjective term that is largely dependent on the desires of the beholder. While it may be difficult to define true love, when it comes to positive thinking, ancient philosophers, contemporary psychologists, self-help gurus and the like seem to agree that keeping a positive perspective will yield successful results in your life, including finding the love that's right for you.

Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are useful in helping people define their focus and hone in on what they desire instead of succumbing to negative thoughts that often -- and involuntarily -- pervade their minds, says author and speaker Melissa Van Rossum, writing with "The Huffington Post." Positive affirmations are statements that highlight the reality you seek to create and live. For instance, some positive affirmations for finding true love might be, "I am ready for true love," "I attract real love" or "I am open to falling in love with a committed, emotionally-available partner." Whatever outcome you'd like to see is how you would phrase your affirmation. Be sure to keep your focus on what you want -- not on what you don't want -- when creating an affirmation for attracting true love. Avoid statements such as, "I don't want a man who's broke and inconsiderate."


According to author, consultant and executive coach, Russell Bishop, who suggests visualizing the outcome you'd like to experience can help you create that outcome -- with action, of course. Bishop says that merely holding a vision of an experience you'd like to have isn't enough; positive action is just as critical as positive thinking. Once you have the vision in your mind of you and your future mate taking long walks together in the park or traveling around the world, put yourself in position to meet your potential love, such as signing up for an online dating site or hanging out at events where singles often come to meet.

Positive Self-Talk

The Mayo Clinic website says that positive thinking begins with self-talk, which is defined as "the endless stream of unspoken thoughts that run through your head every day." If the majority of your unspoken thoughts are negative in nature, then your outlook is likely to be negative or pessimistic, too. This means that you could be attracting the love you don't want with negative self-talk running through your mind throughout the day. The Mayo Clinic recommends that you take the time to identify any negative thinking you may have -- such as filtering negative aspects of a situation or taking things personally and blaming yourself when bad things happen. If you notice you're harboring a negative thought, challenge your thinking and try to view your thoughts from a more productive and positive perspective.

Forgive Former Loves

Author Karen Salmansohn, writing with, says that forgiving past loves -- particuarly those from relationships that didn't end well -- and sending them loving thoughts can help increase your chances of attracting romantic love into your life. Salmansohn believes that holding onto anger, resentment and bitterness from previous relationships only makes it more difficult for others to recognize your attractive qualities as these become shrouded in negative emotions. If a former lover cheated on you, left you in debt or committed some other egregious act, realize that he's probably not the happiest soul on the planet and show him empathy for the pain he's likely experiencing in his life.