Free Activities That Teach Communication Skills to Married Couples

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Effective communication is paramount in any relationship, because without proper communication in a marriage the union may end in dissolution. By regularly conducting activities that work to improve the lines of communication between you and your partner you can keep your marriage viable. Even couples who are on a tight budget can find easy and free activities to work on communicating with one another.


A great activity for you and your partner to do together is to cook a meal with and for one another, whether it be a meal as simple as spaghetti or as complicated as homemade pesto sauce placed in fresh ravioli. By cooking dinner together you and your partner get to work together, solve problems and communicate with one another to get the task at hand properly executed. While the two of you are cooking go ahead and spark a conversation about any topic the two of you can speak about without arguing or even tell a story from before you met that you have never told before.

Board Games

Playing board games with one another is a wonderful activity for the two of you to enjoy with each other while in a fun environment. As most board games require you to speak with other players the game can begin to open lines of communication with your partner and can serve as the ice breaker for a conversation. Furthermore, if you two are competitive in nature, the two of you can really get into the game and enjoy the presence of one another as you fight for the glory.


Exercising together is a fun and free activity you and your spouse can do with one another, whether it is the nightly walk through the neighborhood or the early morning workout at the gym together. Exercising allows people to vent and open up as the two of you push one another to fit in that dress or wear that new pair of jeans you've been eyeing at the store.

Make a Life List

Sit down with your spouse and between the two of you create a life list of what the two of you want to do together still. By sitting down with your spouse and forging this list you can talk about the rest of your lives together and discuss the things the two of you can do together. This will help to ignite conversation between the two of you and the talk you have about the list can help to form new conversations and evolve the communication between you and your spouse.