About Male Body Waxing


0:00 This is Iah from Pink Cheeks in Sherman Oaks on behalf of Expert Village and today we'll

0:04 be talking about waxing for men. Okay, a lot of people think that waxing is only a womens

0:14 thing, but now it is become very popular with men. I say about 30% of our clientale are

0:20 men, they get anything from back, chest, nose hair, eyebrows, ears, all the little discrete

0:28 places that people don' t really notice until you really look at them. What's most surprising

0:37 is that a lot of them are not gay, a lot of people think that it's only for gay men, but

0:43 a lot of straight men come in. Sometimes hesitantly by their girlfriends or wives because they

0:48 want them to clean up a little bit, but a lot of them come in on their own. We even

0:52 get a lot of recommendations from men telling their guy friends about it, it's not just

0:59 a thing for women anymore, a lot of men love to get pampered. Waxing is not like the 40

1:07 year old virgin, every man comes in thinking that they're going to be bleeding and screaming

1:12 Kelly Clarkson, but it's never that way. It's painful, I will admit that but it's not one

1:19 of those things where you're going to come running and never coming back, it is something

1:23 that anyone can do, you just have to have the right mind set.