9 Cocktails to Make Now Because the 2016 Presidential Election is Driving You to Drink


Are you experiencing presidential election overload? If so, do this:

  1. Step away from your screens.
  2. Quickly chill a cocktail glass.
  3. Mix one of the cocktail recipes listed below.
  4. Down it.
  5. Repeat.

You can't go wrong with whichever you recipe you choose — in this case, all of the candidates are winners. Unlike... no, no, no! I won't get into that discussion. (At least not until I've had a drink or two.)

A Refreshing Pomegranate Gin and Tonic

Just the right amount of sweetness to help erase the bitter aftertaste from the cutthroat debates.

Jennifer Farley

A Straight Up Martini

With so many crazy accusations flying around during this campaign season, you just want things straight up. Enter this martini.

Raul Zelaya

A Tom Collins Companion

Tom Collins sounds like a good running mate. For your mouth.

Trisha Sprouse

A Gin and Tonic Dream Team

Gin will never contradict his running mate, Tonic. These two are a team.

Trisha Sprouse

A Margarita Policy Maker

What's a margarita's policy on drinking? To get you drunk. Now that's something both parties can agree on.

Jennifer Farley

An Old Fashioned for the Future

Choosing an old fashioned is a classic pick for a cocktail, but perhaps your choice for president is more modern. As in, electing the first woman president type of modern.

Kristan Raines

A Gimlet You Can Get Behind

There's no question of character here: a Gimlet is just plain good.

Trisha Sprouse

A Sidecar for Your Side-Eye

A sidecar is saucily sour. Because sometimes that's how you feel after reading Twitter, Facebook, the news...

Brynne Chandler

A Caipirinha to Feel Carefree

For all the times you need to escape. Caipirinha, take me away.

Kristan Raines