Grilled Green Beans With Olive Oil

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Boiling is the common method of cooking green beans but the grill is also a possibility for the green vegetable. A foil packet keeps the green beans contained so they don't slip through the grate and into the coals. The foil also helps create steam to cook the green beans. Grilling your entire meal keeps your home cool during the summer months by eliminating the need for the stove.


Fresh green beans work best for grilling. You'll need about 1 lb. of the beans for six servings. The dish also needs 2 tsp. of olive oil. You can add additional vegetables to the green beans for more flavor and nutritional value. Chopped onions, sliced jalapeños or sliced mushrooms work well. Sauces or juices are another way to add flavor. Try lemon juice, soy sauce or balsamic vinegar. Add dry seasonings like crushed red pepper, garlic powder, salt and pepper to round out the flavoring. You'll also need aluminum foil to create the packet.


Wash the beans by placing them in a colander and running cold water over the vegetables. Snap off the stem end of the green beans, which are tough and not pleasant to eat. You can also snap off the bottom tip of the beans if you like. Wash and chop any other vegetables that are going into the mix.

Place all of the vegetables in a large bowl. Pour in the olive oil and any other liquids you are using to flavor the beans. Sprinkle on the dry seasonings and stir the entire mixture to distribute the ingredients evenly.

Making Packets

A large, double-layer of aluminum foil creates the grilling packet for the green beans. For faster, more even cooking, divide the beans between two separate foil pouches. A roughly 18-inch square for each half of the beans works well. Scoop the beans and other ingredients onto the foil square. Roll opposite sides of the foil together to seal in the beans. Wrap up the other two ends by squeezing and rolling the foil.


The foil packets of beans go directly onto the grill grate. Close the lid of the grill as the beans cook for the best results. The beans will take about 20 minutes to cook tender. Turn the green beans once halfway through the grilling time so they cook evenly. Test one green bean to make sure it is tender. Watch for the escaping steam when you open the foil packet. Pour the grilled green beans into a serving boil when they are done.