How Do I Blanch Green Peppers?

Green Bell Peppers

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Blanching is a process that involves a short period of boiling or steaming vegetables to halt the enzymes that cause the vegetables to grow. The blanching process prepares the vegetables for freezing and reduces changes in the flavor or texture. Green peppers are one of the few vegetables that don't need blanching before you freeze them, especially if they won't be frozen for more than a month. If you plan to keep them in the freezer longer, the blanching process is beneficial for your green peppers.

Wash the green peppers before preparing them. Since you eat the skins of the peppers, you want them cleaned well before you freeze them.

Cut the green peppers in half using a sharp knife and a cutting board. Remove the stem area. Pull out all of the seeds from the middle of the peppers. Rinse away any remaining seeds, if necessary.

Cut the green peppers into smaller pieces if desired. Consider how you plan to use the peppers. For stir fry or other dishes, you will likely want the peppers in slices, rings or small chunks. Cut them that way now so they are ready to go when you thaw them.

Fill the pot about one-half to two-thirds of the way full. Heat the water to a boil. Fill a bowl with ice water while the pot heats.

Dump the cut peppers into the pot of water. Leave pepper halves in the boiling water for three minutes or smaller pieces for two minutes.

Drain the peppers in a colander at the end of the cooking time. Place the blanched green peppers directly into the ice water to stop the cooking process. Cool the peppers for two to three minutes. Drain the peppers again before placing them in freezer bags.