Brands of Organic Coconut Oil

by Diana Gamble

Using coconut oil, you can make vegan versions of classic desserts.

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Coconut oil is sold in health food stores as a non-dairy alternative to butter, as it is in solid form at room temperature. Although it does not contain dairy, 90 percent of its total fat is saturated; therefore, it should be eaten in moderation according to the American Dietetic Association. Certified organic coconut oils are not produced with pesticides, hexane or genetically modified organisms.

Nutraceutical Sciences Institute

Nutraceutical Sciences Institute offers certified organic coconut oil, which you can use for high-temperature cooking. This oil is tested by FDA laboratories that measure its cleanliness and identify its elements. The NSF International certified this brand, ensuring its products are safe and healthy for public consumption. The coconut oils are not made at high temperatures or with chemicals, but rather via a process called "cold pressing."


The Artisana brand is certified organic, extra-virgin coconut oil. Dairy-free expert and author of the book "Go Dairy Free: The Guide and Cookbook for Milk Allergies, Lactose Intolerance, and Casein-Free Living," Alisa Fleming offers the opinion that the Artisana brand offers one of the "purest" coconut tastes. Fleming also describes this brand as producing one of the highest quality coconut oils.


This organic coconut oil is sold in most health-food stores. Nutiva distinguishes itself from other brands by pressing the oil within less than 10 hours after cutting open the coconut, which produces an oil with a distinct coconut flavor. They manufacture virgin and raw extra-virgin coconut oil. The raw extra-virgin oil is made using a centrifugal spinning technique that mechanically separates the coconut water and protein from the oil; therefore, it stays raw because it does not rise above 118 degrees. The virgin oil is made to use with high heat of up to 350 degrees F.


Consider this brand if you are cooking, baking or stir-frying savory meals and do not want the flavor of coconut, because the taste of coconut in this oil is practically nonexistent. You can cook this oil up to a medium-high setting on your stovetop. Spectrum's coconut oil is 100 percent expeller-pressed and naturally refined.

Rainforest Coconut Oil

Rainforest Coconut Oil is certified organic, vegetarian, virgin, traditionally processed and cold-pressed. It is not bleached or refined. The coconuts are grown in the Philippines and the oil is packaged in North America.

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