What to Do if My Hair Turned Red After Coloring It Blond


0:04 hi I'm Tony odisha and today I'll be

0:07 answering the question what do I do when

0:10 my hair turns red after trying to color

0:12 it blonde well first of all the law of

0:15 color is color only can lift four shades

0:18 so for example if you're a brown you

0:20 really color cannot make it blunt but if

0:23 that happened like we have here at the

0:25 mannequin we try to color the mannequins

0:27 hair to blonde but it turns red orange

0:30 so what do we do in this case the only

0:33 solution we have is to tone it down it

0:35 will not make it lighter and we have to

0:37 use a semi-permanent color that is blue

0:39 violet or green base just to cancel out

0:43 the red orange because we have to use

0:45 complementary color which is the APIs on

0:47 the color wheel if we have red green

0:49 will neutralize red but we cannot go

0:53 lighter than that it will just cancel

0:55 out the orange and it will be neutral

0:56 like brown thank you for watching

0:59 Antonio d show

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