What Kinds of Gems Are Brown?

agate image by Hubert from Fotolia.com

Precious gemstones come in many different colors and hues. For instance, brown, a color not normally viewed as beautiful, is actually a quite lovely color on many different gemstones currently in circulation. Some of these stones are quite bland while others sparkle with the sheen of diamonds.


Agate is a type of natural brown stone that is polished and refined to make jewelry. It is also one of the less expensive gemstones on the market due to its relatively common appearance in nature. However, just because it is common does not make it any less beautiful. Agates are found in many places all around the world including Asia, Brazil, and Africa.


Though slightly more expensive than agates, jasper still retains a high level of quality and a somewhat low cost. Jaspers can be shinned up to make them look fantastic on any sort of jewelry. Jasper is well known for having many intricate and diverse natural patterns etched on them, even in their raw form. Jasper is often found in the US as well as in South America.


Though amber is a lighter hue of brown, often being perceived as more of a red color, it certainly holds brown in its color spectrum. Amber is actually not technically a stone as it was created from fossilized resin from trees in prehistoric times. The color range of amber can vary from light yellow to a rich brown. Amber has been found in locations all over the world.

Tiger's Eye

Tiger's eye is actually more quartz than it is anything else. It is often polished to be used in birthstones and small, inexpensive pieces of jewelry. It is well known to have rippling, wavy lines in its polished form, often looking like tiger stripes. Tiger's eye has one of the harder exteriors of precious stones, often considered close to diamonds in difficulty to cut. Tiger's eye is found in Western Australia, South Africa, Canada and India.