Tumeric for Homemade Skin Care


0:05 hi I'm Jaclyn bhagava and licensed

0:08 aesthetician and skin care expert i'm

0:10 here at anchor med spa in walnut creek

0:12 california today's topic is turmeric for

0:15 a homemade skin care to make powder add

0:18 a splash of color and enhances your

0:20 favorite South Asian and Middle Eastern

0:23 dishes studies have shown that this

0:27 superpower spice has many

0:29 anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

0:32 properties these two elements make for

0:35 youthful healthy skin turmeric is easy

0:39 to find at your local supermarket and is

0:41 used to come back at me excess facial

0:44 hair wrinkles and uneven skin tone for a

0:49 simple but effective turmeric mask make

0:52 a pace by adding water or milk to a

0:55 pinch of turmeric turmeric does stain so

0:59 be sure to cover your area for easy

1:01 cleanup to learn more about turmeric for

1:05 homemade skin care visit me on Jackie B

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1:15 you