Tabletop Tips


0:04 hi I'm Yvette Rios here on ehow com and

0:08 i've got a couple of solutions for you

0:09 guys if you're entertaining this summer

0:11 here's a really simple one a good way to

0:14 make sure that your sangria or whatever

0:16 drink you're serving doesn't get too

0:17 watered down instead of putting ice in

0:19 an ice bucket I put it inside of a

0:21 colander like this and set this on top

0:23 of a bowl and that way your ice stays

0:25 nice and dry because the water goes

0:27 inside the bowl and then for your

0:29 cocktail napkins right next to your

0:31 drinks you know sometimes you go to

0:33 these like really fancy restaurants or

0:35 fancy events and they have the cocktail

0:37 napkins like unfurled so beautifully

0:39 it's so easy to do it took me forever to

0:42 figure this out but this is how you do

0:43 it just get a stack of cocktail napkins

0:45 like this and you're just going to hold

0:47 on to the bottom one and then you just

0:49 kind of twist your arm like that in a

0:52 circle and you can see that they kind of

0:54 start unfurling themselves and then you

0:57 get rid of the top one and your bottom

0:58 napkins are all nice and fold out super

1:01 easy and when you're entertaining a lot

1:03 of people outside you want to make sure

1:05 that there's one central place for them

1:07 to come for all their condiments and

1:09 their silverware grab a six-pack all you

1:12 need is the container for a six-pack of

1:13 beer put your ketchup in there your

1:15 mustard salt and pepper forks knives

1:18 spoons napkins all inside the six-pack

1:20 you can just grab this and bring it

1:22 right to the table and then use things

1:24 you know use what you have I've got this

1:25 great vintage milk bottle here you can

1:28 use this to make an arrangement with

1:29 instead of going out and buying a vase

1:31 just use what you've got I'm Evette Rios

1:33 thanks for watching and keep checking me

1:35 out on you

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