Reversing Thinning Hair


0:00 Hi, my name is Lauren and today I'm going to discuss reversing thinning hair. There

0:04 are a few things that you can do to reverse thinning hair, some being topical and some

0:07 being more internal. Topically you can apply cider vinegar and sage tea and use it as a

0:14 rinse. Apply it to your scalp and then just rinse it out. What it will do is stimulate

0:22 the circulation in your scalp and it will promote hair growth so it will actually enable

0:27 you to grow more hair and at a faster rate. You can also use treatment such as Rogaine

0:33 which is a mousse treatment that you put on which will also do the same and help your

0:37 hair grow and help you maintain the hair that you have. Nioxin shampooing system is also

0:44 a great topical way. It will stimulate the scalp and it create more blood circulation

0:48 through your scalp which will nourish your papilla and eventually have your hair grow

0:53 a little bit at a faster rate and keep it because it will be getting the nutrients and

0:57 nourishment that it deserves. Another great way to do it is internally. Biotin is a mineral

1:03 that you can buy and it is filled with Keratin and it actually helps strengthen the Keratin

1:10 bonds that your hair has and it also helps product Keratin so that way you will be strengthening

1:18 your hair which will prevent it from falling out as much. Vitamin A is really great. Its

1:23 actually essential to growing your hair. It is, the vitamin itself actually promotes hair

1:29 growth, its one of its main functions. Beta Carotene is actually very great to ingest

1:35 because it breaks down into vitamin A which will start and help your hair grow. Vitamin

1:42 C will work on your hair because it is an antioxidant which would just prevent, help

1:47 you maintain a healthy scalp and hair. And vitamin E increases scalp circulation. Scalp

1:55 circulation is very important, maybe also massaging your scalp will prevent you from

1:59 having any further hair loss. Sometimes hair loss comes from a restriction of vitamins

2:05 or any kind of a deficiencies that you may have within your own internal makeup. And

2:12 you can consult a doctor and they can test you for anything that you have or maybe just

2:18 let you know if it is a side effect of a medication you are on or do something in order to get

2:25 your hormones and vitamin levels back to where they are supposed to be. And that is how you

2:30 reverse thinning hair.