How to Remove Membrane From Chicken Livers Before Cooking

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Chicken livers offer rich flavor and posses a high nutritional value. Whether your livers end up deep fried, sauteed or in a mousse, removing the chewy membranes before cooking will benefit your dish. The liver itself varies from light to ruddy pink. It unfolds easily into an uneven butterfly shape. One side is a large smooth lobe, and the other side is a smaller, more unevenly shaped lobe. A small lumpy section, consisting mostly of stringy white membranes and fat, sits between the two lobes. Trimming up the chicken livers is easy and creates a smoother texture.

Step 1

Spread the chicken liver open. Place the unfolded chicken liver on a cutting board, membrane side up. Cut the large lobe off from the rest of the liver with a sharp paring knife. Trim off any noticeable white pieces from the large lobe, if any, and set the large lobe aside in a large colander.

Step 2

Pull the stringy membrane piece away from the smaller lobe with one hand. Use your other hand to remove it with a careful slice of the knife. Trim off any remaining fat, fibers or bile from the liver. Set the trimmed liver aside with the larger lobe.

Step 3

Repeat until you have removed the membranes and trimmed up all of your livers. Rinse the colander of trimmed, pink livers under cold running water.

Step 4

Pat the chicken livers dry with paper towels. Prepare them in your desired dish or freeze them for later use.