What Perks Do You Get With Marriage?

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When you contemplate the perks of marriage, it’s easier to recognize the immediate, short-term advantages for spouses. For example, entering into a relationship that provides mutual satisfaction in the social, emotional and physical realms easily advocates the marriage relationship. Additional perks related to marriage hold long-term perks for a couple. Consider how marriage may benefit your long-term psychological, physical and financial health. Saying “I do” can be good for you.

Say "I Do" to Longevity

Marriage may contribute to your longevity. The Family Research Council reports that regardless of income, nationality, race, age, sex and education, married individuals enjoy better health than their unmarried peers. Married individuals experience a lower incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and heart attacks, and recover from illnesses more quickly. Dr. Charles D. Schmitz and Dr. Elizabeth A. Schmitz, authors of "Building a Love that Lasts: The Seven Surprising Secrets of Successful Marriage," report that married couples monitor one another’s nutritional and exercise habits, vitamins and medicines because they recognize the influence of health on the relationship.

Say "I Do" to Happiness

Marriage provides perks for your mental health status. Focus on the Family reports that married males and females have a lower risk for developing mental illness. Married couples enjoy a higher level of happiness and life satisfaction, and are less likely to commit suicide. Drs. Schmitz and Schmitz suggest that the social nature of people creates a want and need for companionship, and helps to explain why married people are healthier and happier.

Say "I Do" to Financial Stability

Marriage does not ensure that you will retire as a millionaire, but it does have financial perks. Wealth increases with the duration of the marriage, reports the Family Research Council. The immediate financial benefits of marriage include sharing the mortgage, utility, grocery, insurance and furniture expenses, but the financial perks extend well beyond splitting the cost of daily living. If you and your spouse work, you may be able to choose between two employee benefit packages. Consider reaping savings on the cost of car insurance by accessing the multi-car insurance discount offered when you place both vehicles on one policy. The combined incomes of you and your spouse increase the likelihood of attractive mortgage loan offers with better interest rates.

Say "I Do" to Safety

Marriage provides a safety perk for women. A Department of Justice study found that divorced and separated women suffered the highest incidence of violence by a spouse, ex-spouse or boyfriend, with married and widowed women experiencing the lowest incidence. In addition, cohabiting couples reported more physical aggression than married couples.