Making Your Partner Feel Special

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Romantic relationships require consistent effort to keep the spark lit. Romantic gestures, compliments and emotional support all help a partner feel special. Each individual is unique in his or her emotional needs, so closely observing your partner can provide you with useful clues as to what you could do to make him feel special. Putting forth the effort to give your partner special attention is a selfless approach to deepening your relationship.


If your significant other is under a lot of stress, offer her a nice massage. Massages offer numerous health benefits, according to medical staff at Mayo Clinic, including relief from anxiety, headaches and injuries. Physical touch is also a way to maintain closeness in a relationship. Use warm, scented oils to enhance your partner's massage experience, and surprise her with this gift one evening after she's experienced a long, difficult day. This gesture shows your significant other that you care about her health and well-being.

Emotional Support

Provide your partner with emotional support when he's experiencing difficult times. Be there to objectively listen to his frustrations. Your partner may feel special just knowing that he has someone he can talk to when times get rough. Providing your partner with strong emotional support strengthens your relationship and also offers health benefits, notes Madeline Vann with Everyday Health. Vann states that positive relationships strengthen the immune system, increase happiness and help to lessen grief. You can also help your partner feel special when you are willing to compliment your partner and look for ways to show appreciation for him.

Going the Extra Mile

Doing "the little extras" is a useful strategy to make your partner feel special. Surprising her with a bouquet of flowers or spa gift certificate will let her know that you've been thinking of her. Preparing a nice meal over candlelight and soft music is another "extra" your partner may enjoy. Your partner may even appreciate it if you clean her car or help her organize the laundry. Listen to your partner's gripes to see if there is anything you can help her with to lighten her load. When you show that you are paying attention to your partner's needs, wants and preferences, it makes her feel appreciated and special.

Purchase Wish List Items

Perhaps your significant other has been hinting that he wants a new watch, tickets to a home football game or a new television set. Surprise him one day with an item from his wish list to make him feel extra special. If big-ticket items are out of reach at the moment, put away a little money here and there until you are able to make a special purchase, or find small, meaningful gifts that show you know your partner's quirks and interests. When purchasing gifts, remember -- it's the thought that counts.