Ingredients for Making Meatloaf


0:00 Hi this is Rich Buccola here in NYC and on behalf of Expert Village today we're going to show you some great comfort food and making meatloaf. So ingredients that we're going to need today it's a real simple meal and I'm here in NYC like I always tell on Expert Village I work pretty much from a small table. I'm going to do the same I pretty much cook and make my meals here and our ingredients here today are real simple. Your going to use 2 lbs of chop meat fresh chop meat your going to use not the lean stuff but the regular stuff. I like the drippings your going to need the drippings to base and also your going to make fresh gravy which I do. Your going to need an onion this was an onion that I had made something yesterday I had a half of onion its going to be enough for this meal. You want one small onion one small to medium onion your going to need some bread crumbs, your going to need some Parmesan cheese please get some Parmesan cheese if you can it makes such a difference. Your going to need one egg and for your seasonings your just going to use salt, pepper a seasoning salt all seasoning salt and then your going to need some ketchup and some butter. And that is all your going to need for the ingredients when we come back we're going to show you how to start putting this together here on Expert Village meatloaf today guys.