How to Use Melatonin for Anti-Aging

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Use Melatonin for Anti-Aging. Melatonin has been used for decades to promote sound sleep and to ease jet lag. Now, new research is suggesting it could have beneficial anti-aging properties, as well. This essential hormone is produced by your pituitary gland and production naturally drops off as you get older. By supplementing with melatonin, it is widely believed that your cells get bathed in it and are reprogrammed to act like younger cells. Because melatonin is available almost everywhere, you shouldn't have a hard time finding some to use for anti-aging purposes.

Take 10 to 15 drops of melatonin each night before you go to sleep. Melatonin increases the likelihood of you getting a good night's rest, and getting enough sleep is essential to staying young. The body tends to age quickly if it's deprived of sleep for too long.

Add five to 10 drops of melatonin to a berry smoothie each morning so that the beneficial anti-aging properties of the substance can bathe your cells all day long.

Rub 20 to 30 drops of melatonin into your face, neck and arms each night to absorb it through the skin. The melatonin may also bring more youthful properties to your skin with regular use.

Add a few drops of melatonin to your favorite facial moisturizer for anti-aging benefits to your complexion.

Always choose melatonin in liquid form, as this form is the most easily absorbed by your body and is the easiest to use on bare skin.


  • For a while, some researchers speculated that melatonin would help you to become young again simply because old people have so little of it. While the truth has been found to be not so simple, the fact remains that melatonin use seems to promote more youthful energy in those who take it. Even if you get no other benefit from your use of melatonin, it will help you get more sleep. As is well known, the more sleep you get, the better you will feel. Getting enough sleep is key to staying young and energetic. After all, dark circles under the eyes make anyone look older. Melatonin is readily absorbed through the skin and is utilized quickly in the body when taken internally, so expect fast results when you use it. Melatonin is safe and effective to use with most medications and it is extremely rare for anyone to have an allergic reaction to it. Even babies can take melatonin.

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