How to Use a Jaccard Meat Tenderizer

There is nothing better than a juicy piece of meat that absolutely melts in your mouth. And there is nothing worse than a tough piece of meat that tastes like a rubber shoe. So to make sure that your next cut of beef is the best it can be once it leaves the barbecue and hits your plate, use your Jaccard meat tenderizer.

Allow your cut of meat to come to room temperature. The Jaccard meat tenderizer cannot be used on meat that is frozen and is most easily used on meat that has acclimated to room temperature.

Remove any fat from the cut of meat, which you do not wish to cook. Fat tastes good when marbled in the middle of some cuts of meat. However, big slabs of fat surrounding your grade A prime can be less than appealing. Take your knife and remove any unwanted fat.

Lay the meat on a cutting board. Placing it directly on the counter may result in contamination from cleaning chemicals or other bacteria. Placing the meat on a plate may cause scratches from the sharp blade of the Jaccard meat tenderizer.

Pierce the meat with your Jaccard meat tenderizer. This tenderizer is exceedingly easy to use. Simply place the Jaccard unit over the meat and press down as you would an ink stamp. Then repeat until you have covered the full surface of the meat. It's that simple. Just let the 48 blades do their job.

Season your meat to taste. A usual chef seasoning is a mix of salt and pepper. Although if you are your own "Top Chef," then come up with something else to excite the pallet of your guests.

Clean the Jaccard meat tenderizer between each use of different kinds of meat. If you are serving beef and chicken, the unit must be cleaned in between. The blades are removable from the handle and can be placed in the dishwasher, although a delicate hand-washing is always best.