How to Remove Wine Bottle Labels


0:06 owner of celebrations wine club and our

0:10 topic is how to remove wine labels from

0:13 bottles the traditional way of doing

0:16 this the older way of doing this is was

0:19 to submerge the bottle into a warm bath

0:23 either in a sink or a vase and wait a

0:27 couple of hours maybe until the volute

0:29 the glue dissolved to some extent and

0:31 the label floated off that was not an

0:35 entirely reliable label way rather of

0:39 doing the task as anyone knows has ever

0:41 tried it we have a new and improved way

0:44 that is terrifically efficient quick and

0:47 almost always always works and that is

0:50 to bake the bottle in a 350 degree oven

0:55 and peel off the label it's literally

0:59 that simple you'll notice that I've

1:02 removed the foil and I did that before I

1:04 put the bottle into the oven because you

1:06 can never be sure what that foil is made

1:08 of and you don't want it to melt in your

1:10 oven and you don't want to breathe the

1:12 fumes that it's going to emit the only

1:15 tool I need is this mitt and a single

1:18 edged razor blade so after 15 minutes

1:23 this should be very easy and in fact it

1:27 is if you just loosen an edge you can

1:31 pretty much peel off the label which is

1:34 what I'm doing here and at that point we

1:39 have fixed it to the paper or whatever

1:42 it is that you want to stick the label

1:46 on so we will now go after the main part

1:53 of the label by loosening a corner

1:57 initially and maybe the side and sort of

2:03 slowly and carefully working and then

2:09 lifting and this one is coming off so

2:13 easily

2:14 you might think that it's a plant but

2:19 it's not actually I just got lucky it

2:22 can be a little harder if the paper if

2:25 the paper is thin for instance you're

2:27 going to have a little harder time but

2:30 in terms of loosening the label the oven

2:37 is the way to go and there you have it

2:41 the oven or rather the label as it was

2:45 originally on the bottle you've just

2:48 witnessed the easiest way to remove a

2:50 label from a wine bottle I'm Anna Maria

2:53 Knapp owner of celebrations wine club

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