How to Put Earrings in Your Ears Fast

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Having pierced ears allows you greater accessorizing possibilities, yet at the same time it is a responsibility. You need to keep your pierced ears clean, and all earrings that hang from your ears must also be sanitary to prevent infection. The better care you take of your ears, the easier it will be to put on earrings quickly. If the holes in your ears are pristine and sterile, you won't have to fight or push to get your earrings in, which will keep the entire process speedy.

Wash your hands with soap and water. Pat them dry. Dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and swab down the backs of the earrings you plan to insert into your ears. This is a wise practice whether your earrings are brand-new or old, as it cleanses them of dirt and other contaminants you could potentially insert into your pierced ears.

Take a fresh cotton ball and dab it generously with rubbing alcohol. Swab it against the front and back of each ear. This will help open up your holes, ensuring that the earrings slide right in.

Stand in front of a mirror. Hold your earlobe with one clean hand, using your thumb and index finger. Be sure not to cover the hole. With your other hand, pick up your earring by the front part and, in one quick motion, slide the back wire or hook of the earring directly into the hole.

Hold the front of the earring in place with one hand. Pick up the earring back with the other hand and move it behind your earlobe, sliding it firmly onto the back wire. Push the earring back toward your earlobe, leaving a fraction of an inch of space between your earring back and earlobe. The earring back should not be squeezing your earlobe to any degree.