How to Prevent Nosepiece Marks From Eyeglasses

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If you wear glasses, you may have a mental list of all the reasons you wish you didn't. The red mark often left on your nose by the frame or pads that hold your glasses in place is likely to be on that list. Beyond having your optometrist properly size your glasses and space your nosepiece to your particular face shape, a few other tactics can help ease the frequency or severity of the marks.

Have your optometrist remeasure your glasses' size, which is represented by three numbers: the width, the bridge of the nose and the temple length to the back of the ear. Make sure those measurements are correct.

Adjust your nosepiece arms to fine-tune your glasses' fit on the bridge of your nose. Grab each pad and gently bend it to a position that will better yield to your nose. Try your glasses on again to test the new fit. Have your optometrist do this if you worry about breaking your glasses.

Clean your glasses and face regularly to remove oils, makeup or other residue that can irritate your skin when it's trapped under your glasses.

Remove your glasses, if possible, when you're sweating -- this can intensify red marks.

Rotate between two pairs of glasses, preferably one with a frame that rests on the nose and another with a nosepiece. This allows your skin more time to dry out.

Use a moisturizer to battle dry skin, which is more apt to develop red marks. Other cosmetic products, like a toner, can shrink pores and reduce eyeglass marks.