How to Keep Tall Centerpieces From Falling


0:06 i'm angie zimmerman the flower diva from

0:09 flower arranging 101 TV and today i'm

0:13 showing you how to keep tall vases from

0:15 tipping over tall vases are very popular

0:20 to use for centerpieces it gives a more

0:23 elegant look it gives a different look

0:26 to a room and one of the vases that has

0:28 been very popular is this face which I

0:31 call a maestro vase but sometimes

0:33 they're called tower vases sometimes

0:35 they're called Eiffel Tower vases they

0:38 may be called something different in

0:39 your area but the bottom line is it's a

0:42 tall skinny vase it's really important

0:45 that you use a vase that's tall enough

0:47 so that people can see underneath it at

0:49 a table so I recommend not using

0:52 anything lower than 20 inches these

0:54 happen to be 24 inches I think that's

0:56 the magic number for me you can even go

1:00 higher than this but 24 for me is the

1:02 lowest I ever want to go so if I'm

1:05 arranging flowers in this vase that

1:08 means that there's only going to be

1:09 three or four stems of flowers and

1:11 typically I like to use orchids in these

1:14 vases so I'll use three stems of orchids

1:16 with a branch of curly willow and some

1:19 very small thin blades of what's called

1:22 bear grass I'll take that entire bouquet

1:25 out I use a chenille stem some people

1:28 call them pipe cleaners and I bind the

1:30 stems to hold them in place I then take

1:33 that bouquet that I just bound and put

1:35 it in a big bucket with water and

1:38 preservative and I keep everything there

1:40 until I'm ready to deliver and assemble

1:42 that arrangement when I deliver you

1:45 never deliver these already assembled

1:47 they will not stay standing up when you

1:50 arrive at your site you'll take all the

1:52 components out put some water in your

1:55 vases and then you can take those

1:57 individual bouquets that you've

2:00 previously assembled take the chenille

2:02 stems off put them right into the vase

2:04 stick it in the middle of the table and

2:06 you're done remember that when you leave

2:08 the same thing has to happen you have to

2:09 take those flowers out so that you can

2:11 take those vases and flowers away you

2:14 cannot take them away

2:15 fully assembled either if you want

2:17 something bigger

2:18 for example this type of an arrangement

2:21 can also sit on top of this skinny vase

2:24 but you have to do something to make

2:25 that work so I've created this little

2:28 what I call adapter it's a six inch

2:32 floral dish these are called lomi dishes

2:34 and I used a riser that I've glued to

2:37 the bottom and I cut short this fits

2:40 right inside it's just perfect so that

2:43 now gives this floral arrangement

2:46 stability and then I would design the

2:49 arrangement something similar to this in

2:51 a six inch dish just like the one that's

2:54 already in here for the adapter and then

2:57 you put that right on to up the six-inch

3:01 dish that you just designed in will fit

3:03 directly into the six-inch dish that's

3:05 part of this adapter so again you do

3:07 this once you arrive on site you don't

3:10 try and deliver these assembled like

3:12 this if you were using a different type

3:17 of a vase like this vase I call this a

3:20 tulip vase I've used the same type of

3:25 dish this is the six inch this is a 9

3:28 inch dish and now this fits perfectly on

3:32 top of this larger mouthed vase again

3:36 you'll keep these separate when you

3:38 arrive on site you'll take all your

3:40 vases out of the boxes you'll put them

3:42 down on the tables and then you'll bring

3:43 all your centerpieces out and put them

3:45 right on top of each of those vases and

3:47 you're done if you want slightly

3:50 different looks you could always take

3:52 this vase and turn it upside down and

3:57 this gives you a nice built-in tabletop

4:02 for your floral design so even if you

4:07 wanted all tall arrangements you can do

4:08 half your vases the normal way and half

4:11 your vases upside down and you'll have a

4:13 varied look I'm Angie Zimmerman from

4:16 flower arranging 101 TV and I just

4:19 showed you several ways to keep your

4:21 tall vases from tipping over

4:24 you