How to Grill Indoors

Grilling inside can be dangerous if you burn charcoal or propane, but you can turn your stovetop into a grill by putting a grill pan on top of the burners. That will enable you to get char marks on your food even in the dead of winter. Any recipe you would use for grilling outdoors over direct heat can be made inside with a grill pan.

Place the grill pan on the stove and turn to high heat. Some grills will cover two of your stovetop burners, so turn both burners to high.

Let the grill pan preheat for 5 - 10 minutes.

Apply oil to both sides of the food you will cook. If you are using a cast iron grill pan, be sure it is well seasoned so your food will not stick.

Place the food on the grill and cook until there are char marks on the bottom.

Turn the food and continue heating until it is thoroughly cooked. The precise length of time will depend upon the food being prepared, its overall size, and thickness.

Insert a meat thermometer into the thickest portion of the food. Depending upon what you are cooking, the temperature at which your food is done and safe from food-borne pathogens will differ. Most foods will need to be at least 160 degrees. If your meat thermometer doesn't indicate appropriate cooking temperatures, refer to a chart for the target temperature. (See Resources below)