How to Get Rid of Eczema on the Scalp


0:00 hi i'm dr. rafael Darvish with skin

0:02 packable dermatology and Cosmetic Laser

0:04 Center here in Los Angeles California

0:05 I'm here today to discuss with you how

0:08 to treat eczema on the scalp eczema on

0:10 the scalp is a annoying condition in

0:12 which you people get irritated red itchy

0:15 rash on the scalp that causes dandruff

0:18 this is not to be confused with

0:19 seborrheic dermatitis which is probably

0:22 the most common cause of an irritated

0:25 scalp that causes dandruff but there are

0:28 some good treatments for eczema on the

0:30 scalp firstly prevention prevents stay

0:33 away from anything that causes the

0:36 eczema to get worse so maybe a

0:37 particular sample with a particular

0:39 fragrance is triggering the eczema to

0:42 get worse so stay away from that too

0:45 there are some very good steroid

0:46 shampoos that you can use for a short

0:49 course to calm the eczema down so

0:52 something like a clawback shampoo is

0:54 something that i prescribed here in the

0:55 office for somebody with a flare-up of

0:57 eczema on the scalp those cannot be used

0:59 over the long term so the other the

1:02 option for a more long-term shampoo is

1:06 going to be a coal based software-based

1:08 or salicylic acid based shampoo to keep

1:11 the eczema in check so that you don't

1:13 need the steroid shampoo periodically

1:16 you can also use some topical steroid

1:18 creams probably the class 2a class 3

1:21 ones if you're going to use them over

1:23 the long term or class one steroid which

1:25 is the most potent of steroid creams to

1:28 make that scalp eczema better

1:31 screams obviously on the scalp are going

1:33 to be difficult so that's why shampoo is

1:36 generally the first-line therapy but if

1:39 you can work a cream into the scalp that

1:41 can be helpful and then lastly there are

1:44 some oral medicines if the topical

1:46 options don't work for you and those

1:48 oral medicines include some prednisone

1:51 and more aggressive options such as

1:54 methotrexate and cyclosporine really

1:56 reserved for the most difficult of

2:00 eczema cases i'm dr. rafael Darvish and

2:03 thats a brief overview on how to treat

2:04 eczema of the scalp