How to Get a Hood Piercing

by Contributor ; Updated September 28, 2017

How to Get a Hood Piercing. A *oral hood piercing can be decorative, with a range of jewelry styles to choose from, and it can also increase *oral stimulation. So this piercing is both beautiful and functional. You can choose either a vertical or a horizontal hood piercing.

Decide upon your preferred placement of the piercing. Many women find a vertical piercing more stimulating, though a horizontal piercing also stimulates the ****oris.

Choose a reputable piercer. Hood piercings are relatively easy, so any professional piercing studio should be able to do yours. Call ahead if you want to be pierced by a woman, to ensure that there is one on staff.

Discuss whether you want a vertical or horizontal hood piercing, and select a piece of jewelry based on the piercer's recommendations.

Allow the piercer to clean your genital area in preparation for the piercing.

Examine the marks your piercer makes for the piercing. There are two marks for a horizontal piercing and only one for a vertical piercing because one end of it is hidden under your hood, next to your ****oris. If you're not satisfied with the placement, let your piercer know.

Relax as your piercer prepares for your hood piercing. She may use clamps for a horizontal piercing, but probably won't for a vertical piercing. For that, she uses a receiving tube so there's no chance of the needle piercing your ****oris.

Take a deep breath as he prepares to pierce you. When the needle goes through, let your breath out as slowly as possible to diminish any pain or flinching. He quickly inserts the jewelry, and then you can admire your new hood piercing.

Use saltwater soaks to help your new piercing heal. Avoid sex for at least a week to allow the piercing to heal somewhat, and avoid oral contact for at least 3 weeks.


  • Wear comfortable, breathable underwear and a skirt or relatively loose pants to your appointment. These clothes lessen the chance of irritating your new piercing. Though rare, some women's anatomy just won't accommodate one form of a ****oral hood piercing. In this case, you can still get the other form. If your body isn't built for a vertical piercing, for example, you should be able to get a horizontal piercing. It's easier to care for your new piercing and keep it clean if you get it when you aren't menstruating. Hood piercings tend to heal quickly and rarely have any complications.

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