How to Get a Hafada Piercing

How to Get a Hafada Piercing. Though there's no evidence to support the idea, Hafada piercings are said to have their origin in Middle Eastern coming-of-age rituals. The term "hafada" specifically means a piercing on the upper side of the scrotum, but any scrotal surface piercing may go by this term.

View photos of hafada piercings at a website like Tribalectic, and decide if this is the placement you want. If you don't want a piercing on the upper side of your scrotum, determine where you would like to place your piercing.

Find an experienced piercer in a studio that you trust. Depending on your level of modesty, you may want to request a male piercer. Ensure that the piercer you choose has done a hafada piercing before.

Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes to the piercing studio so you won't irritate your new hafada piercing on the way home.

Discuss the placement of the hafada piercing with your piercer so he can tell you if it's feasible. If not, he can recommend a placement close to your preference.

Consult with the piercer to choose the right size and design for your jewelry. Be open to his suggestions even if the recommended jewelry isn't what you want to wear after the hafada piercing heals.

Check the marks the piercer makes to ensure that your piercing is where you want it.

Take a deep breath and let it out as you get your hafada piercing. Breathing deeply with the piercing reduces the pain and helps you stay relatively still. After the needle is inserted, the piercer adds the jewelry to complete your piercing.

Wear loose clothes during the healing process to give the piercing room to breathe and to make sure it doesn't get caught on your clothing. Daily sea salt soaks speeds the healing process and soothes your new piercing.