How to Fade Scars Naturally


0:05 hi I'm Regina here already alchemy

0:07 natural products and in this video I'm

0:10 going to show you how to fade scars

0:11 naturally so all of us have some sort of

0:14 scars whether it's from our childhood or

0:16 if it's a blemish scar which is really

0:18 common and in this recipe it's going to

0:20 show you just to how to make a really

0:22 simple mixture that you can go ahead and

0:24 apply a couple times either throughout

0:26 the day or throughout the week that's

0:27 going to help to slowly over time fade

0:29 those scars and make them look less

0:31 apparent so what you're gonna first

0:33 start off is just get yourself a bowl

0:35 and you're gonna first put in a tea

0:37 blend mixture of coal Angela and comfrey

0:39 leaf and this tea blend mixture is

0:41 really great for helping to rejuvenate

0:44 skin cells and helping to repair any

0:46 kind of old wounds Colangelo is also

0:48 known as marigold and comfrey is also

0:50 known as nip bone and both of those are

0:51 really really prominent in any kind of

0:53 wound healing or scar kind of situation

0:55 so you've made up your tea and you're

0:57 gonna add 2 teaspoons of your tea blend

1:00 into your bowl if you go over a little

1:04 bit it's fine then you're gonna add

1:08 another teaspoon of lemon juice and you

1:12 can use pure lemon juice like I'm using

1:13 here or even out of the little lemon

1:15 juice bottle you can buy at the shop but

1:17 I prefer the natural pure stuff and the

1:21 reason why I put lemon juice is this has

1:23 alpha hydroxy acids in there that are

1:25 gonna help to exfoliate the skin but

1:27 also to help fade scars it also has

1:29 vitamin C which is really important for

1:31 helping to fade scars and making the

1:33 skin glow then you're gonna add 1tsp of

1:36 vitamin E oil and a lot of us know and

1:38 have worked with vitamin E before but we

1:40 know that to be a really great

1:41 antioxidant also really great for

1:43 helping to rejuvenate the skin and also

1:45 help with overall moisturization and

1:48 rejuvenation properties and antioxidant

1:51 then you're gonna do 1 teaspoon of rose

1:55 hip seed oil if you can't find rose hip

1:58 seed oil you can use any other vegetable

2:00 oil but I prefer rose hip seed oil in

2:03 this one because it's really also good

2:04 for helping to rejuvenate the skin

2:06 regenerate skin cell structure and

2:08 thereby help with fading your scars so

2:12 we're gonna add that there

2:15 and then all you need to do after that

2:17 is add a quarter cup of aloe vera gel if

2:20 you can't find the gel you can use the

2:23 juice but the gel is gonna make it of

2:25 course a little thicker and give it a

2:27 little bit more of an overall gel type

2:28 of texture and feel for it put that in

2:33 and then lastly you're going to just put

2:35 in 20 drops of lavender essential oil

2:38 lavender pure essential oil is really

2:41 great also for helping to rejuvenate

2:42 skin tone and texture and skin structure

2:45 so that's about a half a dropper full is

2:47 20 drops put that in and then all you

2:51 need to do is blend blend that together

2:52 and your components gonna be kind of

2:56 like a thin gel what I like to do with

2:58 this one is get yourself a small bottle

3:00 with a cap and then pour in your mixture

3:05 right into that bottle so once you're

3:11 done pouring it in just cap it up and

3:13 the way you can apply it is you're just

3:14 going to shake it up right before use

3:17 turn it over and put it on a cotton ball

3:19 and then run it all over where that scar

3:21 is at and then you can apply this one to

3:23 two times a day the more often you do it

3:25 the better the one thing is is whenever

3:27 you use this you want to make sure that

3:29 you put a sunscreen over if you do apply

3:31 it and then go out to the Sun the lemon

3:33 juice in there is not really something

3:34 that you want to mix with sun exposure

3:36 so with this treatment gel you can keep

3:38 it in the refrigerator for about one to

3:40 two weeks and it's really gonna be

3:42 wonderful for helping to fade any kind

3:44 of persistent blemish scar or any other

3:46 scar that's due from an old wound or

3:48 injury and that's how to fade scars

3:51 naturally

3:54 you