How to Create Your Own New Era Cap

by Sylvia Cini ; Updated September 28, 2017

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Since 1993, New Era has held exclusive rights to produce the on-field caps of all Major League Baseball (MLB) teams. This licensing also allows them to mass-produce hats with team logos for fans. Due to a combination of this marketing and proven quality, New Era has developed a fan base in its own right. Many New Era fanatics have moved beyond MLB caps to design their own custom headgear. With a variety of shapes, sizes and styles it is easy to customize your own cap in-store, online or over the phone.


Visit a Lids store. For an individual cap or limited run, it is best to work directly with a clerk. A store associate can help you reach merchandise, choose options and operate the embroidering machine.

Choose a cap. Customizable caps come in a variety of colors, sizes and styles. Try on several caps before choosing. Make sure it fits comfortably, since you will not be able to return the hat.

Browse the design catalog. The catalog provides a directory of designs, images, colors and fonts that can be incorporated into your creation. Remember, you may not be able to customize a cap with copyrighted imagery. Ask the stores associate for assistance with the design, many Lids employees are hat enthusiasts and know a lot about stylish and popular options.

Ask for a cost breakdown and modify choices to fit your budget. Review your order and request to preview your chosen design on the screen before the clerk begins the process.

View the hat you have created. Purchase protective spray, brim brush and other hat maintenance material to protect the hat and prevent damage.


Design and digitize your logo.

Visit the New Era website to preview cap design options and review possible styles.

Call 1-800-266-1665 or email info@newerasignature.com to place an order.


Visit the "New Era Park" design website. (See Resources.)

Select cap options including design type, model, crown and colors. (for example, the 5950 wool cap in full scarlet with MLB profile.) View sample images and swatches to determine choices.

Set embroidery choices. Type instructions for text and images into the form. If you require assistance using a custom image, call 1-800-685-2313.

Type contact information and organizational details into the form and submit.

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