How to Cook Cod Fish


0:04 hi guys I'm Adam taki the co-founder of

0:08 amazing taste food seasonings and the

0:09 author of spice it up how to cook cod

0:11 it's a breeze to make and if you follow

0:14 these steps you'll earn 5 stars every

0:16 time I got two beautiful pieces of cod

0:18 right here fresh cod and I'm just going

0:20 to season both sides using amazing taste

0:23 seafood seasoning I love this seasoning

0:25 because it has such a really rich

0:28 natural butter flavor and you have that

0:30 big butter flavor without the calories

0:33 or the fat and this seasoning there's

0:35 also a terrific natural lemon flavor and

0:38 I'm wonderful there spices and herbs

0:40 that just really helped make this Cod

0:44 just pop with such big flavor as Cod

0:47 you're just going to love it it's just

0:49 it's going to be so good it's going to

0:50 be so elegant and it's just such a

0:53 wonderful elegant fish to make for your

0:57 friends if you really want to show off

0:58 and earn yourself 5 stars

1:00 we got a my nice skillet here nice large

1:03 skillet I've heated it on a medium-high

1:05 temperature and I'm just added 1

1:07 tablespoon of olive oil and I'm just

1:09 going to cook my cod for about three to

1:11 four minutes per side just depending on

1:13 how thick your fillets are and you know

1:17 they're ready when you just take your

1:18 fork and they peel at the touch of a

1:20 fork guys thank you so much for watching

1:23 I'm Adam taki for more information

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1:27 great day

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