How to Cook Butter Beans


0:04 hi I'm Patrick long from Greenville

0:06 South Carolina work at the green room

0:08 off of Main Street and today I'll be

0:10 showing you how to cook raw butter beans

0:12 butter beans are quite seasonal and

0:14 they're found locally around South

0:16 Carolina pretty much throughout all of

0:19 summer unless they get shucked and then

0:21 they're kind of disgusting so but what

0:24 you want to do first off is rinse them

0:26 then kind of rinse them through water

0:27 strain them off and then you're going to

0:30 put them into a pot of just straight-up

0:32 poaching water our blanching water and

0:35 throw these in here now and then you're

0:42 gonna bring these up to a boil straight

0:44 up on the stove and then right when it

0:46 boils strain it off now when it boils

0:48 it's gonna there's gonna be this big

0:50 frothy nonsense mess of butter bean

0:54 schmutz and that's pretty much what

0:56 you're trying to get out that's all the

0:58 impurities coming out of the butter

0:59 beans and once you drain that off and

1:01 then give it a nice rinse again then you

1:04 will have cooked butter beans and if you

1:06 were to drop these in a straight boiling

1:08 water they wouldn't cook evenly so you

1:09 really want to bring them up and cold

1:12 water after I boiled my butter beans

1:17 with all that froth coming up strain

1:19 them i rinsed them and now I've got them

1:22 here and now I'm gonna show you how to

1:24 make a butter bean side dish they're not

1:26 fully cooked through yet they're pretty

1:28 much all dente a little bit less than

1:31 all did they so have a good amount of

1:33 biting them so they'll still need to

1:34 cook in some form of liquid for about

1:37 five minutes and I'm gonna show you how

1:38 to make a succotash out of these so

1:41 right here in front of me I've got four

1:43 ingredients I've got some nice bacon

1:45 that julienned up a little bit of

1:47 brunoise onion a little bit of small

1:50 diced red pepper and some fresh corn

1:53 straight off the cob alright so first

1:56 things first I got a nice medium bottom

1:58 stockpot right here that I've gotten hot

2:00 I'm gonna put

2:01 little bit of oil just a little bit get

2:04 it nice and coated now I'm gonna take my

2:07 bacon which I'm gonna throw it in there

2:10 now I'm gonna render out this bacon fat

2:13 until it's pretty much crispy and all

2:16 the fats out and Bacon's nice and

2:18 golden-brown I printed out my bacon fat

2:20 I've added my onions and peppers now I'm

2:22 gonna add in my corn season this up a

2:27 little bit of salt a little bit of

2:29 pepper

2:30 then mix it around now I'm gonna let the

2:35 corn and I kind of get coated in all the

2:38 rest of the bacon fat and now I'm gonna

2:40 add in some vegetable stock I've got

2:44 about two cups of vegetable stock you

2:46 can use chicken stock or any kind of

2:48 flavored water or hell you can even use

2:51 water if you wanted to so once this

2:55 comes up to I'm gonna let this hang out

2:57 for a minute and I'm gonna bring this up

2:58 to a boil and once it comes up to a boil

3:00 then I'm gonna add my part cooked butter

3:02 beans all right

3:03 now I've got my boiling liquid now I'm

3:05 gonna add in my blanched butter beans

3:12 and because they're already cooked it's

3:14 probably gonna take about five more

3:15 minutes while this guy's going I'm gonna

3:16 turn it down to a simmer and just kind

3:20 of mix everything together

3:24 I've got my butter beans cooked off for

3:27 the five minutes and now they're nice

3:29 and finished I'm just gonna this is a

3:30 nice side dish that I'm just gonna go

3:32 ahead and put in a bowl for you to enjoy

3:35 and I hope you enjoyed that recipe on

3:38 how to cook butter beans