How to Cook Beet Root


0:00 hi i'm debrah garden scene with quirky

0:03 gourmet and today I'm going to show you

0:04 how to cook beetroot or beets now

0:07 they're tasty

0:09 root vegetables you can get them either

0:11 trimmed like this or you can buy them in

0:14 bunches they come with the leaves on you

0:16 can do that you can cut off the leaves

0:20 and use them separately you can just

0:22 cook them with a little bit of garlic

0:23 and olive oil salt and pepper

0:25 just tasty dish of greens so you will

0:31 need to peel your beets so they have a

0:33 tough outer skin on them and there's a

0:36 number of ways that you can peel a beet

0:38 you can peel a beet with a paring knife

0:40 you take off the bottom and the top and

0:45 then you just cut around and take off

0:49 the peel like this you can do the same

0:55 thing using a vegetable peeler see like

0:57 that comes right off you'll notice that

1:03 I'm wearing gloves the reason I'm

1:05 wearing gloves is because a beef will

1:08 turn your hand red now probably the

1:12 easiest way to peel beets is to precook

1:15 them before you peel them so to do that

1:17 you just take them and drop them in a

1:20 pot of boiling water and that will

1:25 usually take maybe 45 minutes or so it

1:28 depends on the size of the beets if

1:30 you're doing a bunch of beets together

1:32 it's a good idea to choose beets that

1:34 are all the same size so that they cook

1:35 in about the same amount of time okay so

1:39 the beets will cook for about 45 minutes

1:42 or so and the way you know that they're

1:45 done is the skin will separate will set

1:50 the skin will separate relatively easily

1:53 from the beet and if it's too hot to

1:57 handle you can hold it under cold

1:59 running water and try to rub it that way

2:03 if it's not ready you put it back in and

2:05 cook it until it is ready

2:08 so once you've cooked the beet until

2:11 it's soft enough that you can easily rub

2:12 the skin off you just have

2:14 go ahead and rub the skin off just like

2:17 that a little bit of pressure comes

2:20 right off

2:23 see how brightly colored the inset is

2:26 beat is a beautiful vegetable much

2:30 maligned but high in iron very tasty

2:37 there you go there's a peeled cooked

2:39 meat