How to Change the Color of a T-Shirt

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Changing the color of your favorite T-shirt is a simple process you can do at home. Select from a variety of dye colors to make the shirt fit into your wardrobe. After dyeing, washing and drying, you'll have a fresh-colored T-shirt that appears new. You may even decide to change the color of other articles of clothing so everything matches.

Dissolve dye powder, drops or tablets into 2 cups of hot water. Stir the mixture with a plastic spoon until incorporated. Fill a bucket with 3 gallons of hot water. Add the dye mixture to the water and stir with a plastic spoon. Many dyes work for every 3 gallons of water for every 1 pound of clothing. If you need more liquid for your shirt to soak freely, add another 3 gallons of water. You'll also need to add another portion of pre-dissolved dye.

Plunge your T-shirt into the colored hot water. Continue to stir your T-shirt, moving it up and down so all creases absorb the dye. Stir the T-shirt for 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how dark you want the color.

Dump the water out of the bucket and replace with fresh warm water. Wash the T-shirt in the water for several minutes. Repeat this step, using cooler water the second time. Continue to hand-rinse the T-shirt in cool water until color stops dripping from the fabric.

Wash the T-shirt as you normally would in your washing machine with mild detergent. During the first wash, you may want to wash the T-shirt by itself or pair it with similar colors in case it bleeds.

Dry the T-shirt in your dryer, or hang dry it outside or in the shower. After this initial washing and drying stage, the color will be set and you can wash the T-shirt with your normal load.

Scrub the bucket with diluted chlorine bleach. Use a capful of bleach and fill the bucket with warm water. Rub the inside and outside with a sponge to remove excess fabric dye.