How to Build a Brick Meat Smoker

Smoking meat or fish is a unique way to enhance and add flavor. Smoking your own meat is an involved and highly rewarding process. A brick smoker in your backyard can be used all year, but it is especially enjoyable when used during family and neighborhood gatherings. A brick smoker can be constructed with cinder blocks or fire bricks. It should always be placed on a level, solid surface.

Create the base rows of bricks for the smoking chamber. To start the sidewalls, make two parallel rows with two cinder blocks for each row. Space the rows 16 inches apart. To start the back wall, place a perpendicular cinder block on one side, between the sidewall blocks. Leave the front open on this first row. This will be where the fire pit chamber is attached. Place a perpendicular metal lintel across the sidewalls at the front, above the opening to the fire pit, to support the subsequent rows of bricks. You should now have a 32-inch x 32-inch square.

Build up the front, back and sidewalls of the smoking chamber with five additional rows of bricks. Stagger and alternate the brick pattern for each row. Cut a 32-inch x 32-inch square piece of wood for the cover.

Install the fire pit at the bottom opening of the smoking chamber. Butt two parallel rows with two cinder blocks for each row so they extend forward on either side of the opening. Create the roof for the fire pit by placing three perpendicular bricks on top of the two rows.

Place smoking screens for holding the meat or sticks for hanging the meat throughout the chamber by pushing in opposing bricks, just enough to straddle the screen or stick.