How to Apply Eye Shadow


0:00 how to apply eyeshadow sweep a touch of

0:04 shadow over your lids to accent eyes you

0:07 can define them add drama and make them

0:09 stand out in a few quick steps this

0:12 video will demonstrate the proper method

0:14 for applying eye shadow step 1 prime the

0:18 eyelids by dusting them with a small

0:20 amount of loose powder

0:24 step two select a light base shadow

0:27 using a shadow base sweep it across your

0:30 entire lid from brow to lashline step 3

0:33 use a medium toned shade to cover your

0:36 lower lids step 4

0:40 contour the crease of your eyelid with a

0:42 dark shade using a smaller eyeshadow

0:45 brush step 5

0:47 blend shadow by stroking the lid gently

0:49 with an eyeshadow brush avoid using your

0:52 finger as it could wipe off the shadow

0:53 entirely step 6

0:56 use the cosmetic puffs and a little

0:58 press powder to tone down heavy

1:00 eyeshadow shake any excess powder off

1:02 the puff then press it gently on your

1:04 lid