How to act Like a Lady

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During some point in your life, you may have heard the expression, or even been told to ''act like a lady,'' and although learning the art of being a lady may seem prudish to some, in reality, the lessons you learn can positively influence your personal growth. Acting '‘like a lady" requires more than just maintaining good posture, it means conveying self-confidence, being respectful to others and understanding how others perceive you.

Begin With Confidence

Self-confidence is the foundation for being “ladylike.” A modern woman needs to feel relaxed and at ease when holding conversations, regardless if she is speaking with a business associate or friend. According to Ladylike Lessons by Chelsea-Lyn Rudder, build your confidence by pushing yourself to speak in social situations and engage people, but do so without being pushy or obnoxious. You can begin by striking up conversations with individuals you meet on a daily basis, such as door attendants and hair stylists. Stop engaging with your cell phone and begin interacting with people around you. Build your conversational skills by reading magazines and keeping yourself informed on various topics.

Practice Good Grammar

Right or wrong, a woman who uses poor grammar might be perceived as having lower socio-economic standing; so, improve your image by sharpening your vocabulary skills. Check online sources or textbooks on how to improve your grammar, and if necessary, hire a professional tutor. Refrain from using coarse language that may offend someone in social situations. Modern day slang may have a place on social media or informal settings; however, acting like a lady means not using offensive and vulgar slang to communicate your point of view.

Act the Part

Take care and respect your appearance. According to the Emily Post website, your appearance not only reflects how you feel about yourself, but it also dictates the importance you attach to people around you. Leave something to the imagination, and choose either your legs or decolletage to display. Crossing your legs at your ankles, when seated, will prevent someone from peeking up your skirt or dress. Practice good table manners and learn how to be a good host and guest. Always arrive with a hostess gift, and when you are hosting an event, go the extra mile and make your guests feel extra special. Not only will you exude confidence, but those around you will feel good in your presence.

Cell Phone Etiquette

In an age of incessant texting, phone communication and selfies, it’s important to display “ladylike” qualities when using your phone. According to How to Be a Lady: A Contemporary Guide to Common Courtesy by Candace Simpson-Giles, although cell phones are an important fixture in modern communication, a lady should never place more importance on the person on the phone than the person in front of her. Always finish your phone conversation before attempting another conversation. Keeping two conversations going is rude and shows little regard for either party. When dining out, give the person you are dining with your complete attention; no selfies or checking in with social media. If you are waiting for an important call, make your dining partner aware, and place your phone in your lap on vibrate.