Healthy Smoothie Recipes


0:00 for a really refreshing treat try making

0:02 yourself a really healthy smoothie a

0:04 little bit of ice a little bit of water

0:06 and a blender you're already halfway

0:08 there gather yourself some fresh fruit

0:10 like strawberries preferably frozen

0:13 strawberries or banana or Kiwi Kiwi is

0:16 also extremely high in potassium so that

0:18 makes a really nice smoothie mix them

0:19 all together in the blender hip frappe

0:22 get yourself a nice puree add water hit

0:25 frappe again get a nice emulsification

0:26 you're all set to go with a really nice

0:29 movie for one little extra hint of

0:31 luxury add yourself a tablespoon of

0:33 nonfat plain yogurt and that'll give a

0:36 little creamy quality to your smoothie

0:38 particularly if you're using mango for

0:40 smoothies frozen fruit works just as

0:42 well as fresh fruit or even canned fruit

0:44 for that matter when you're through with

0:46 making your smoothie if you'd like to

0:48 garnish it you've got a number of

0:49 different options including ground

0:51 spices like nutmeg and cinnamon or fresh

0:54 fruit slices