Demystifying Root Vegetables


0:04 hi I'm Melissa shazia mom yob calm today

0:09 we're going to talk about root

0:10 vegetables vegetables are what's around

0:18 basically from November through April in

0:21 much of the country they're what we have

0:23 to cook with but they're really fun

0:25 they're really diverse and they're

0:27 really good for you so I have some cool

0:29 ones here today that i want to show you

0:30 i have some yellow beets these are

0:35 really beautiful when you cut them open

0:37 their they're very common now you can

0:39 find them easily they cook just the way

0:41 you would cook a deadbeat but look at

0:44 this gorgeous color and that really

0:46 stays with them as they cook so I love

0:48 that I also have some red beets that I'm

0:52 going to show you how to roast in a

0:53 second I have these guys which look

0:57 really scary but they're actually not

1:00 intimidating and all these are celery

1:02 roots and once you get rid of all this

1:04 ugly exterior there's a wonderful white

1:07 vegetable under here that basically

1:09 tastes just like celery i'm going to

1:12 show you my favorite method for roasting

1:14 beeps and all i'm going to do is I'm

1:17 going to take my whole beets I did was

1:20 chopped off the leaves and any stems and

1:22 just poke some holes in it with a fork

1:26 few holes here and there and then I just

1:30 put my whole beets in a roasting pan

1:33 with a splash of water cover them

1:37 tightly and let them roast for about an

1:41 hour until they're fork-tender and then

1:44 you just peel off the skin with your

1:46 hands really simple I also have some

1:49 turnips here and these are really

1:52 interesting these can actually be eaten

1:55 raw and you can just peel them and get

1:59 rid of this skin and the taste that

2:02 you'll find inside is kind of gingery

2:05 kind of spicy it's a lot like a

2:09 radish these are really wonderful and

2:12 here's one that I cut open earlier this

2:14 is what they look like inside hmm

2:18 they're so good i like to use them in

2:21 salads i also like to roast them so for

2:26 roasting i just dice this up you can do

2:30 big chunky dice and you can do a mix I'm

2:36 going to add some potatoes because these

2:39 take about the same amount of time to

2:41 cook as a potato okay i just talked

2:45 these together add a little bit of olive

2:49 oil some salt and roast these up just

2:54 the way that you would if you're making

2:57 roasted potatoes and they're so good

3:00 okay the last thing i want to show you

3:02 is celery root and these are really

3:06 scary looking at me come on if you saw

3:08 this at the farmers market you would

3:09 probably run past it because it looks

3:11 like some kind of monster however if you

3:13 cut off this outer skin inside is this

3:18 beautiful white vegetable and you can

3:22 roast this just like you would any other

3:24 root vegetable you could also eat it raw

3:26 and it basically it tastes just like

3:29 green celery now if you're going to

3:34 roast these I would mix them with a

3:36 different root vegetable because they're

3:37 a little bit bitter that's it really

3:42 simple to use so I hope this gives you a

3:44 good idea about starting to cook with

3:46 root vegetables they're really easy to

3:48 use really delicious and really good for

3:50 you i'm louisa shafia i'll see you next

3:53 time on ehow com

3:58 you