How to Decide When to Break-Up With Your Boyfriend or Girlfriend

We've all made the mistake of staying with someone too long. Here are a few tips to know if its time for you to move on before you waste anymore time with the wrong one.

Respect. Do you respect each other? This is an important question. Really think it through. Respect for opinions, beliefs, careers, finances, personal space, hobbies, pets. The list goes on and on.

Cheating. Is there cheating involved? A cheating relationship is very hard to mend. When it comes to dating, if you or the other is already cheating just break up. It only will get worse if you ever get married. If you both decide to forgive and forget, more power to you, you will need it.

Break-ups. Do you two break up often? If you do, just call it off for good. Walk-away. This sounds like a toxic relationship that will always be on again off again.

Something is missing. If you feel lost in your relationship like you aren't getting enough love, time or respect its time to move on.

Alcohol & Drugs. If your significant other has a problem with either of these, it will be difficult for you both to have a healthy relationship. Even if he/she decides to get help, recovery is long and very hard and often times people don't recover.

Family. Does this person respect your family? If the answer is no, you should think long and hard before staying with this person. Why would you want to destroy your relationship with your family? If your family is not important to you, than this isn't an issue but it is for most people. Does your family respect this person? If they don't, find out why and either try to fix it or try to understand why. Sometimes family sees something that you don't and sometimes they are overly critical. That's for you to figure out.

Friends. Do you "like" the person? You should. If you don't, its time to break up. If you can't be real friends, how can you be in a committed relationship?

Expectations. Do you have similar expectations? If you don't, either change them or move on. Expectations may be about marriage, children, religion, finances, lifestyle or anything else important.

Fighting. How do you two handle fights? Do you fight fairly? Every relationhship has its disagreements but its how they are handled that makes them important.