How to Date When You're Over 50 & Never Married

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Even though the number of single potential partners declines as you age, dating after age 50 can be less stressful in some ways. This can be in part because your criteria may no longer include finding someone who wants children or who is in the midst of focusing on growing a career or pursuing an education. Dating should be an enjoyable experience, no matter how old you are. Never having married can add to the enjoyment because there also may be experiences, like a trip down the aisle, that you still have ahead of you.

Step 1

Participate in favorite or new activities. Learning how to play tennis or spending time in an activity you have already mastered can provide you with opportunities to meet people. Be sure the activities you choose include other people you don't know personally. Strike up conversations with strangers, without any expectations, and make new acquaintances. Over time, people will get to know you better, increasing your social circles to include their friends and acquaintances. Losing expectations allows you to be "in the moment" with people without pursuing anything other than good conversation.

Step 2

Use a dating website. As you age, relationships with others may not be as available, but they also may be even more important than in your younger years. According to the publication "The Second Fifty Years: Promoting Health and Preventing Disability," social interaction after age 50 is associated with reduced mortality and improved health. Using an online dating website can give you the opportunity to narrow down a search based on a potential partner's age, location and interests. Messaging that is usually available at little or no cost can give you both time to test the waters before meeting.

Step 3

Put feelers out to friends and family that you are considering dating. Friends and family exponentially expand your opportunities for potential dates, and there's nothing wrong with mentioning your intention to date to someone who really knows you. Be sure to choose friends and family members who can provide a potential date with an accurate, objective representation of you. While some of your loved ones may have your best interests at heart when "embellishing" the truth, they do you and potential dates a disservice that will be evident when you meet. Don't use social media to make an announcement that you might want to enter the dating world because whatever you say can travel quickly, making your private interest in dating public.

Step 4

Dress your age. Being over the age of 50 doesn't mean you give less thought to your appearance. Actually, if you're looking at even the most mundane tasks as opportunities to meet potential dating partners, it's even more important to put forth your best you. Dressing or styling your hair to look half your age seldom works to attract potential long-term partners. Instead, be confident in who you are, what you've accomplished and how you look. Hold your head up, back straight, and look forward. Smile at people, with no expectation of anything in return. These small changes can make an enormous difference in your outward appearance.