Cleanse & Detox Made My Skin Breakout


0:03 hi friends Jeffrey Rodrigues makeup

0:06 artist here discussed the topic I

0:08 cleanse and detox made my skin break out

0:10 this is a very normal and common

0:12 occurrence if this does happen doing

0:14 your cleanse I would recommend an

0:16 at-home facial steamer just like this

0:18 one from Konya the steam will open up

0:20 the pores release impurities

0:22 alternatively a great at-home facial

0:24 mask like this one I've made with my

0:26 favorite organic green tea yogurt and

0:28 some honey will keep the skin clear and

0:30 refreshed and remove all the bacteria

0:32 once again I'm Jeffrey Rodriguez thanks

0:34 for watching