Can Tailors Alter Fitted Caps?

by Caitlynn Lowe ; Updated September 28, 2017

The most common fitted cap is the baseball cap.

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Tailors often accept a variety of alteration jobs, but not all tailors can alter fitted caps. Hat makers, or milliners, piece caps together in specific ways, and professionals need a specific skill set to sew hats and caps.

Fitted Caps

Caps generally refer to any type of head covering with a visor but no brim. Fitted caps specifically imply the type of cap used for baseball caps, sewn together in six sections with a button on the crown and a curved bill visor stiffened with paperboard.

Tailors and Related Jobs

Tailors perform a variety of tasks, such as designing patterns, constructing garments, repairing damaged garments and altering poorly fitted garments. Alterationists specifically deal with fitting and altering garments for customers. Milliners, sometimes referred to as hat makers, design, cut and sew materials for hats and related accessories.

Cap Alterations

Many tailors primarily deal with clothing items, likes shirts, dresses and pants, rather than clothing accessories, like hats or scarves. An experienced tailor may accept a request to alter a fitted cap, particularly caps sewn together from separate sections, but not all tailors have the skills or experience necessary. Consider going to a milliner as an alternative.

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