Baked Sweet Potato Recipe


0:00 hello my name is Pete Dryden and I'm

0:02 gonna show you a baked sweet potato

0:04 recipe things you will need a sweet

0:07 potato cooking spray an oven a fork and

0:15 a baking pan the first step is to wash

0:19 the sweet potato thoroughly with warm

0:21 water

0:22 next preheat the oven to 400 degrees now

0:26 spray a baking pan with cooking spray

0:28 place the sweet potato on the pan and

0:31 pierce it with a fork several times

0:33 this will allow steam to escape the

0:35 potato now place the pan in the oven and

0:37 bake for 40 to 45 minutes when the

0:41 potato is tender and easily pierced with

0:43 a fork removed from the oven and that is

0:46 a baked sweet potato recipe