African-American Hair Growth Tips


0:00 hi this is Lizbeth Muller from Liz's

0:03 Hair Design in Hollywood Florida and

0:06 this clip we're going to show you how to

0:08 grow african-american hair this young

0:11 lady here used to have really thin kind

0:14 of hair it was really not that was that

0:17 thin but it had a lot of problems with

0:19 it she had problems growing it long

0:20 basically it was breaking off and really

0:23 poor health care is what makes the hair

0:26 break off and really not do well so as

0:28 she's been coming to me that the the

0:30 situation has been getting better why

0:32 we're using great conditioners like semi

0:34 daily no conditioner deep masque

0:37 conditioners like the Moroccan oil deep

0:40 masque conditioner and I go ahead and

0:42 apply it at least once a week for her

0:45 deep treatments in between I've done hi

0:47 sheet treatments on her hair too which

0:49 is a treatment that you do in the hair

0:51 with an iron and what it does is it

0:54 conditions the hair and it goes right

0:56 through the cuticle and it lasts a good

0:59 long time so I'm going to go ahead and

1:00 massage some good treatment on the same

1:02 way these here to make the hair grow

1:03 this has been Lizbeth Muller