How to Address Anger Issues in a Relationship

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Whether you are dealing with a romantic relationship where your partner is short-tempered and blaming you for his problems or your mother is angry at your father and is complaining to you behind his back, you can address each issue in the same ways. Some people have anger-management issues, while others just need a way to vent mild pent-up emotions. The emotional chaos that can result from anger is often irrational and can scar or ruin relationships.

Step 1

Set up regular meetings where you share your feelings about each other. This is a time to address issues before they escalate, according to psychologist Chuck Falcon. If an issue that you discussed does come up later, you can refer back to your discussion and the decision you made about the problem.

Step 2

Recognize angry tendencies before the issue escalates. For example, point out when the other person's voice is getting louder. demanding and tense, according to Falcon.

Step 3

Guide the person to an understanding if he is angry in your presence but not at you. Tell him that getting angry won't help the situation, so it is best to be calm and figure out a logical solution.

Step 4

Help her recognize that she is angry. This is the first step to recovery, according to the Good News Plus, an online newspaper. Once she is aware of what she is doing, she may realize that it isn't the best way to conduct herself.

Step 5

Listen to what he is saying and show empathy. You don't need to agree, but asking questions about why he feels the way he does can diffuse anger, according to anger management coach Craig Mollins.