Mung Bean Soup Calories

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The overall nutrition of mung bean soup depends upon the specific ingredients of the recipe. Many mung bean soups contain additional ingredients such as shrimp, ham and/or chicken stock that affects the calories, fat and cholesterol content.


Two popular recipes for mung bean soup posted on and contain about 200 to 470 calories per 1-cup serving. Mung beans themselves contain 180 calories per 1/5 cup serving.


Mung beans contain very little fat -- less than 1 g per serving. Of the 180 total calories in a 1/5-cup portion of mung beans, only 5 calories come from fat. Recipes for mung bean soup often contain pork, shrimp and/or olive oil, all of which substantially increase the total fat content of the soup, from about 6.5 to 15 g of fat per 1-cup serving.


Mung beans contain complex carbohydrates. According to the Harvard School of Public Health, the best sources of carbohydrates include vegetables and beans as they provide vitamins, minerals and fibers along with carbohydrate calories. Mung beans contain 8 g of fiber per 1/5-cup serving. Mung bean soup may contain around 22 to 50 g of carbohydrates, but also provides 8 to 15 g of fiber.