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Signs That Your Boyfriend Needs Space

by Beverley Lee

Relationships are always a compromise, and they can sometimes be overwhelming for both men and women. A break may be required to be sure that he wants to continue the relationship. You should allow this break and give him the space he needs. Don't pester him, just leave him to figure things out; he is more likely to miss you and come back, and the relationship will be even better.


Your boyfriend may suddenly not be as available as he once was, breaking dates and saying he has to work late. He makes excuses and suddenly has to see his friends more often or has family commitments that don't include you.


Arguments may start over what seems to be nothing. Your boyfriend is irritable, snappy and unpleasant. When you try and find out what is wrong, he blames you and says there is nothing wrong with him.


Your boyfriend starts to criticize you, your clothes and the way you behave, and undermines you in front of friends and family. In fact, he criticizes everything, from the way you sip your coffee or giggle. You might go shopping together, and everything you buy will be the brunt of his criticism.

Does not Return Calls or Texts

Whereas in the past he would immediately respond to your calls and texts, your boyfriend now either does not respond at all, or responds at his leisure, telling you he is busy. You may suspect he is seeing someone else when, in fact, he is just feeling overwhelmed. So suggest to him that a break might be a good thing. Then wait for him to come back to you. If he doesn't, it's better to find out now rather than later.

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